Adjunct Professor of the Year Award, 2009-10

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Adjunct Professor of the Year Award, 2016-17

Dear Professor Magrann,


Each year, the Associated Student Government (ASG) acknowledges the contributions of our faculty on the lives of the students at Saddleback College by awarding the Professor the Year to one full-time and one associate faculty member. We received many great nominations from students across campus. I am pleased to inform you, that the selection committee has chosen you to receive the 2016-2017 Professor of the Year Award for associate faculty.


The selection committee consisted of students, faculty, and staff. One key criteria in choosing a recipient was how interactions between student and teacher has had a lasting beneficial effect upon the later success and happiness of students. The committee was very impressed by the overwhelming number of submissions regarding your impact on our students’ academics and lives.


One nominator wrote: “As a new grad, I feel I owe my success in large part to Dr. Magrann. Her impact on my life has been profound and long-lasting, and I will always look back in gratitude, wondering how I got lucky enough to have been her student. The wealth of knowledge and the passion she has instilled in me has become part of who I am and will stay with me always.”


Another stated: “Dr. Magrann, has not only been an instructor, but she was a light through my darkness. She lit up many lights in the dark path I was walking. Dr. Magrann, taught me humanity and dignity. She taught me how to be a man in tough times and not cringe. On the same token, Dr. Magrann did a very good job at her subject-taught. All her class notes were organized and easy to understand. I definitely enjoyed studying her notes and learning more about human anatomy.”


As a recipient of the award, your accomplishments will be recognized during ceremonies this Spring. Again, congratulations for this incredibly well deserved recognition of your dedication and passion for education and our students!




Chris Hargraves

Director of Student Life

Student Development Office

Saddleback College

Office: SSC 210

Phone: 949-582-4213


"On December 5th, 2016, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Saddleback College's Nursing Program. It was a profound moment in my life that was the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and rigorous study. Since that time, I have on numerous occasions reflected on my journey and how I came to be where I am today. It is in doing so that I have been reminded of an outstanding professor, one who has impacted my life and to whom I owe much of my success and the realization of my goal of becoming a nurse: Dr. Magrann. She was the one who instilled in me the crucial concepts that became the foundation for my subsequent learning; it was from her that I learned everything I know about Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology. On countless occasions throughout the program when a topic or disease was discussed, it felt to me like PK (prior knowledge). My fellow students would comment on it, and each time they did I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I was to have had Dr. Magrann as my professor for those subjects. It was from her that I discovered a passion I did not know I held for science and the intricacies of the human body. During the Nursing Program, I would often refer back to the PowerPoints, lecture notes, and flashcards she had provided when I was a student taking my prerequisites, and each time my understanding and grasp of the subject matter was enhanced and broadened.
"I have had the pleasure of learning from numerous knowledgeable, dedicated, and talented professors. Yet, Dr. Magrann stands out for her unique qualities, not least of which being her passion for teaching and her sincere desire to see each of her students not only succeed, but excel. I have never seen a professor work more diligently than Dr. Magrann to ensure that her students are provided with all the materials, information, and study aids needed to be successful in a given subject. She is truly invested in her students, and this is evident in every aspect of her teaching style and in the subsequent successes of her students. Furthermore, her organizational skills are reflected in her coursework format, with her classes being designed to facilitate an orderly and very accessible learning experience. Additionally, despite her extensive experience and the wealth of knowledge in medicine and science that she possesses, she maintains the rare quality of humility and is humble enough to accept, even welcome, input and feedback from her students. It is a trait that is both refreshing as well as admirable to observe in an individual as accomplished as she. Perhaps it is this unique quality that enables her to succinctly impart incredibly complex topics in simple, comprehensible terms.
"As a new grad, I feel I owe my success in large part to Dr. Magrann. Her impact on my life has been profound and long-lasting, and I will always look back in gratitude, wondering how I got lucky enough to have been her student. The wealth of knowledge and the passion she has instilled in me has become part of who I am and will stay with me always."

"Saddleback College has a trove of capable and excellent professors, many of whom I am certain deserve more appreciation and accolades than they realize. Yet, I cannot think of anyone who deserves the honor of Professor of the Year more than Dr. Magrann. She is dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, accessible, committed to excellence, and above all truly and genuinely invested in her students. It is these (and more) attributes that make her not only a uniquely gifted and qualified professor, but one who is respected, admired, and loved by her students."

~ Debbie Harrup


Dear Dr. Magrann,


Congratulations, well deserved.  While the page I wrote, regarding how you, as a knowledgeable Professor, but also as a caring and thoughtful human being, wasn't listed in the Congratulatory note, you have been a constant guiding light through very difficult times, in my life.  It is obvious many of your students, feel the same way, as I do, about you.  You can add this Honor, to one of the many. you will receive, during your life time.


You were and have been, by far, the top Professor, I have been lucky to have taught me; not only a difficult subject, but your kindness and sympathetic ear, makes you, the Professor.... of a Lifetime.  Congratulations. Enjoy, the well deserved honor.


Warmest regards,

Debra Connelly