American University of Health Sciences:

Application Process    
  To initiate the application process, a prospective student must
request an application by writing or calling. The student must then
return to the Admissions Office with a completed application packet.
This packet must include the following documents:
A properly completed application
A nonrefundable application fee
Two recommendation forms, properly sealed and signed by the
Official transcripts from each college or university attended post-
high school, properly sealed and signed by the registrar at each

If a student completed course work at a foreign institution, he/she
must also submit an official, detailed, course-by-course evaluation of
this course work.

After the Office of Admissions receives this packet, an admissions
counselor verifies the information provided on the academic self-
report worksheet. The Director of Admissions and Admissions Committee
then reviews this evaluation, as well as other application materials,
to determine the student's status.

Admissions Info.:
  American University of Health Sciences considers for admission those
prospective students who possess the academic and professional promise
necessary to become outstanding members of the pharmacy profession. To
select these students, the College uses a competitive admissions
selection process. Within its competitive admissions framework, AUHS
uses multiple criteria to select the most qualified candidates from an
applicant pool that exceeds the number of seats available.

Admission Procedures

An individual makes an appointment to meet with an admission officer.
The applicant is required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire
that details their personal, educational, employment history, physical
and psychological information, and reason for interest in the program.
Once the questionnaire is completed, a brief interview determines the
applicant's basic goals and priorities. A tour of the facilities
follows including an explanation of what takes place in the classroom,
the practical procedures conducted in the lab, and whenever possible,
a brief discussion with the instructor and/or students. Following the
tour, the applicant takes the Entrance Exam if applicable, (Wonderlic
Exam for Certificate Programs) and applicable qualifying test. The
test results are reviewed, evaluated and graded then discussed with
the applicant.

If an applicant passes the test(s) with a passing score approved by
the school administration, and if they are still interested, the
applicant is then given a second interview (Panel Interview) with the
program director/faculty member and another member of the
administration. (A student is asked to submit an application for
admissions to the school or programs desired, submit two
recommendation forms, an essay and copies of transcripts. If the
second interview with the applicant is successful, then the
applicant's information along with documentation is submitted to the
school's Director, the particular Program Director & Chief Academic
Officer for consideration. At that point, the Director can accept
recommendations made from the two prior interviews, or may request a
third interview with the applicant. Once accepted by the Director, the
candidate is eligible for admission. The enrollment agreement is
filled out, a tuition payment plan is discussed along with the refund
policy, payment of registration fee, and the enrollment documents are
then signed. The applicant is informed of the start date and class
schedule, their rights and responsibilities, along with the necessary
requirements to successfully complete the course. A copy of the
contract and the school catalog is given to each applicant.

If an applicant fails the entrance process and or exam, the
test/results are discussed with the applicant and recommendations are
made as to what areas the applicant needs to review or address for
future consideration for admission to the school. The school reserves
the right to reject students if the items listed above are not
successfully completed.
Applicants Requirements  
   Completed Application
Essay: 100 words or more why you want to become a:
Clinical Research Associates/Coordinator
Research Medical Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
(2) Recommendation forms
(4) 2" pictures of yourself - passport size
Release Waiver Form
Personal Email Address
Student Agreement Form (CRA Exempted)
(2) Naturalization Paper/Passport/Green Card/Birth Certificate
(2) Copy of Driver's License/ ID
(2) Copy of Social Security Card
(2) Copy of College transcripts/Degree (BS/BA) for CRA Program
(2) Copy of H.S. Diploma/Transcripts/GED for PT or RMA Program
Fee form (signed)
Referral Sheet
Statement of General Good Health - TB & Health Exam (CRA Exempted)
$75 Application Fee for CRA
$25 Application Fee for PT or RMA
Income Tax Form 2003
Financial Aid Forms
Please dress professionally for Panel Interview