They have done away with their "wating list" now applicants are accepted based on the applicants 1st attending an information seminar . Then grades in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and english "100-101", then besides looking at those exact grades.......they look at the overall GPA which has to be a 2.5 or higher.....they would LIKE to see 3.0 or higher

The new method of selection will become a combination of overall GPA, core science GPA, English GPA and any documented repetition (failures or withdrawals) of core science classes. These criteria will help us select students who are most likely to be successful in the nursing program. The formula used is the result of a statewide study involving more than 5000 nursing students.

The following four prerequisites will need to be completed prior to submitting an application.

New Pre-requisites:
English 100
Biology 170
Biology 175
Biology 210
GPA of 2.5 for these pre-requisites

*Other "Minimum Application Requirements" are still in effect. See GWC Catalog for details.

Students who apply with all four of the prerequisites completed will be evaluated first. Students who have completed three of the four pre-requisites may submit a conditional application to be evaluated pending space availability.

Current eligibility requirements (i.e. scholastic point system) will be in effect only through September 30, 2004 for the Spring 2005 semester. All applicants not selected for entry into the Spring 2005 semester will be held to the new requirements if they wish to reapply to the Basic Associate Degree Nursing Program, and be considered again for selection.