Are you interested in an Internship Program at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian?

See below for the email from them.


Dear Professor Magrann, 


My name is Samantha Galang and I am a Recruitment and Training Coordinator for COPE Health Solutions’ Clinical Care Extender Internship at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian. I am writing to provide you with information regarding the program, and to ask for your assistance in promoting the program to your students. 


This program provides students with an opportunity to gain direct clinical experience in the health care field.  Before beginning the program, students are provided with 30 hours of training, including in the areas of patients confidentiality, diversity in the workplace, and hospital policies.  Interns gain a variety of clinical experiences as they rotate through different departments at Hoag Hospital.  Moreover, they are provided with various opportunities, including networking with health care professionals, attending informational lectures, and gaining leadership skills.  The program has been tremendously successful and has been replicated by other hospitals. 


We ask that you please forward our message to assist us in promoting the program to the students involved in your biology classes.  Belowis a copy of the message that we would like to have announced to students.  The application deadline for the next intern cohort is on Friday, November 15th, 2013. 


Thank you for your time and consideration!




"Are you looking for hands-on clinical experience? The Clinical Care Extender Internship at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital is currently accepting applications for the November Rotation! In the Clinical Care Extender internship, interns have the unique opportunity to gain hands on patient care experience in a clinical setting. Students rotate through a variety of clinical departments to gain experience, such as Oncology, Emergency Department, Labor and Delivery, Newport Surgicare, Interventional Radiology, and Gamma Knife just to name a few! Interns interact directly with patients by assisting health care professionals at Hoag Hospital. Interns are also able to observe and learn about many interesting medical procedures, earn opportunities to network with hospital staff, attend professional lectures, and develop their leadership skills. 


If you are interested in applying please visit our website at for in depth information on how to apply.


The deadline to apply for the February 2014 Rotation is on Friday, November 15th, 2013!


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

Best regards,

Samantha Galang
Recruitment & Training Coordinator
Clinical Care Extender Program
COPE Health Solutions
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Hoag CCE Office Hours Schedule
CCE Program Forms Page

Hoag Clinical Care Extender Office
307 Placentia Ave, Suite 209
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Office Phone: (949) 764-5740

Messages From Saddleback Students about this internship

I am doing the Clinical Care Extender Program at Hoag hospital. I know a lot of schools have reps who come and tell their classes about it, but I never heard about it from Saddleback. It's a 15-month internship program where pre-nursing, pre-med, pre-pharmacy, etc. students can rotate on the different hospital floors. It's only a minimum of 4 hours per week, and it's a great exposure to the healthcare field and hospital setting. I just started it this month because originally I was planning on going into dental hygiene, but I currently work for an oral surgeon, and having been working here and learning about medical emergencies, drugs, and patient care, I've decided to go into nursing. So for any students who haven't been in the field or aren't completely decided, this is a fantastic program to apply to, and it's not too time-consuming. You also get a letter of recommendation at the end of completing your hours and meet people! Below is the link in case you might be interested.


I just finished my first month as a Clinical Care Extender at Hoag Hospital and it is going really good.  I'm on the Gynecology floor, and have been doing the minimum 4 hours a week (hopefully I can do more this summer).  I have been fortunate to have a new and valuable experience ever shift I have worked.  I have done everything from helping to feed an elderly woman with a mental illness to helping walk and talk with a patient recovering from surgery.  The basic duties are things like making beds, discharging patients, cleaning working areas, etc.