There is a different application for each starting date. To be

considered for Admission to the program, the applicant must have successfully completed all the

required coursework and proficiencies, and submitted a completed application form with all requested

official documentation of the applicant's college coursework, high school graduation or GED, and

required competencies, by the stated deadline:

Application Period Deadline Date of Entry.

June 8-August 31 August 31 Spring Term (January)

November 8-January 31 January 31 Fall Term (August)

RN Program Applications are available in the Nursing Office, C100C, on the Liberal Arts Campus, and in

the Counseling Office, on the Pacific Coast Campus, at the beginning and throughout each Application

Period. Applications will only be accepted during these open application periods. Candidates must

expect to take several semesters to complete prerequisite course work and leave extra time before the

deadline to satisfy the LBCC requirements listed below:

Attendance at mandatory ADN Information Meeting: This is the first step.

Completion of Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology:

within the 5 years prior to the application deadline.

These course units and grades

are used to compute a "Science GPA" (grade point average for the three required biology courses) must

be 2.5 or better; taking into account all attempts, withdrawals, and credits earned. Withdrawals are

counted as a grade of .5. Some students will have an additional credit for Biology 60L which will be

added in only when it is to the student's advantage. LBCC will compute the Science GPA. ("W's" earned

more than 5 years prior to application do not count in the GPA.


Completion of English 1 or equivalent or English 105:

Completion of MATH 110 or equivalent:


Assessment of Proficiency in Reading and Math : If the applicant have not taken classes at LBCC

before, and have not earned a BA/BS, the applicant will need to pass a Reading Assessment Test at


Progress toward Completion of General Education Graduation Requirements: It is strongly

recommended but not required that students complete their general education coursework prior to

beginning the Nursing Program. It has been proven over time that students have difficulty taking these

courses at the same time they are taking Nursing courses and succeeding in the Program. The General

education courses needed for graduation with a degree in Nursing are:

􀂃 Psychology 1 or equivalent

􀂃 Sociology 1 or equivalent

􀂃 A Humanities course that meets LBCC's graduation requirements*

􀂃 Speech 10 or 20 or 30 - or equivalent

􀂃 Two separate PE courses (.5 unit each)*