Admission to the School of Nursing requires the following:

1. Completion of prerequisite courses and grade requirements as specified in the San

Diego State University General Catalog and School of Nursing Undergraduate

Information Bulletin.

2. Completion of the enclosed application.

3. Official transcript(s). Students enrolled at San Diego State University must

request the University Cashier’s Office to send a current official transcript to

the School of Nursing.

4. A Work in Progress Report, if appropriate, for courses currently being taken.

5. Valid CPR Certification from either American Heart Association, “Healthcare

Provider” course, or American Red Cross, “Professional Rescuer” course.

Other CPR courses will not be accepted.

6. Writing Competency - Students must meet a level of writing competency. This

requirement can be satisfied by various tests or by passing appropriate classes.

You must provide documentation for your file.

(see Special Instructions below)


THE POINT SYSTEM: Total points possible overall - 77

Grade Points are assigned in the following manner:

For Anatomy, Microbiology, General Biology and Organic Chemistry:

10 points for A

7 points for B

For Psychology, Sociology and Speech:

4 points for A

3 points for B

BIO 261 Physiology (including a lab), while no longer a prerequisite, is still required. Students are strongly encouraged to

complete BIO 261, prior to entering Nursing. Students who received a higher grade in BIO 261, than they received in BIO 100,

will receive points from the BIO 261 grade.

If taking a combination anatomy/physiology course (must be two semesters or 8 units) a “B” in both courses is required.

Points are awarded as noted above for the first attempt only. Classes may be repeated to satisfy minimum grade

requirements; however, no points will be awarded for subsequent attempts.

Total points possible - 52

Foreign Language Education/Bilingual Ability Points:

A maximum of 5 points can be earned for evidenced ability to converse in or documented classes taken in a language other than

English. The points will be awarded in the following manner:

_ 2 years of HS or 2 semesters of college, same language class (3 points)

_ 3 years of HS or 3 semesters of college, same language class (4 points)

_ 4 years of HS or 4 semesters of college, same language class (5 points)

Documentation of ability to converse in a language other than English at the ordinary conversational level, including the use of

appropriate vocabulary in assessing the health care needs of patients (5 points).

Total points possible - 5

Health Care Experience Points:

Points will be awarded for sixty hours of volunteer or employed health care experience providing direct patient contact in a

health care setting. Experience must be verified on facility letterhead. (10 points)

Total points possible - 10

Leadership Participation Points

Additional points up to a maximum of 10 can be earned by recognition of leadership qualities. Statements must

be submitted, on suitable letterhead, from appropriate organizations verifying any or all of the following


_ Participation for one year in a high school, college, church or community organization. (5 points)

_ Office holder for one year in high school, college, church or community organization. (10 points)

_ Maintaining employment in a supervisory capacity for one year or more. (10 points)

Organizational involvement that includes teaching, tutoring, or mentoring does not count for leadership.

A broad spectrum of activities and organizations will be acceptable. Activities related to pre-professional organizations will not

take precedence over other organizations.

Total points possible - 10