Undergraduate Degree Program
The Baccalaureate in Nursing Science offers outstanding undergraduates the opportunity to enter the healthcare environment with an education founded upon the theory and practice of nursing. The degree is an indisputable necessity for today;s nurses, who must provide care to a diverse group of patients through evidence-based practice. Graduates are prepared to serve as generalists in professional nursing practice and to collaborate with other healthcare providers in clinics, hospitals, and community health settings. The undergraduate program prepares students for success in academia as well; graduates are poised to attain advanced degrees in Nursing Science and to significantly contribute to the field through original research. The combination of nursing science curriculum with related disciplines including the biological, social, behavioral, medical, pharmaceutical, and biomedical sciences will prepare students to address the span of healthcare needs and to be leaders in the healthcare and academic environments.

Essentially a selective and unique major within the College of Health Sciences for UC Irvine undergraduates, the BS in Nursing Science is a four-year undertaking. Students complete two years of basic sciences before commencing the upper-level nursing science courses in the junior and senior years. The program is limited to 25 new majors per year drawn from entering UCI freshmen and, on a space-available basis, sophomore change-of-major students.An additional 25 students per year will be admitted as transfer or change of major students with junior standing. Upon completion of the program, students attain a Bachelors of Science (BS) degree in Nursing Science and are prepared to take the NCLEX exam for nursing licensure.


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