Cypress College Registered Nursing Program

Minimum Standards To Apply

1.       Eligible for admission to Cypress College.

2.       High school graduation, or passing of the General Education Development tests (GED), or the High School Proficiency Test, or a graduate of an accredited college.

3.       Good physical and mental health as determined by a medical examination upon admission to the program. See Note.

4.       Total college grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 C or better.

5.       Completion of English 100 C with C or better as determined by a counselor from transcript.

6.       Completion of Biology 231 C (General Anatomy), Biology 241 C (Human Physiology), Chemistry 101 C is strongly recommended, and Biology 220 C (Medical Microbiology) with C or better. All must have been completed within five years of application.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend an information workshop. Health Science Division Counseling Information Workshop Series

Please Note: F-1 visa students will not be accepted for admission into any program when applications by qualified U.S. citizens exceed space available.

In compliance with the State Board of Registered Nursing Guidelines, no student with impaired health status (which includes use of legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, or other chemicals) shall be admitted or allowed to remain enrolled in the Nursing Program.

Students applying to the Nursing Program with a history of substance abuse, physical impairment, or mental/emotional impairment shall be required to provide proof of active participation in a recognized treatment program at the time of application.

Evidence of continuing rehabilitation may be required if admitted or re-admitted to the Nursing Program. These standards are necessary for the Cypress College Registered Nursing Program to be in compliance with the Board of Registered Nursing Guidelines, and maintain full accreditation.