Glendale Community College:

Requirements to Apply:

1. High School or equivalent verification of completion:

a) United States high school diploma; or
b) foreign high school diploma or degree evaluated as equivalent to a
U.S. high school

    diploma or advanced degree; GCC only accepts official evaluations
from these campus

    approved evaluators: International Educational Research Foundation

Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc.

American Education Research Corporation

Academic and Professional International Evaluations, Inc.

World Evaluation Services, Inc. ; or

c) successful completion of the GED; or
d) successful completion of the California High School Proficiency
Examination; or
e) a more advanced American degree (AA, AS, BS).

2. Possession of a valid Social Security Card/number (required for
California licensure).

3. Overall minimum college GPA of 2.0.

4. Completion of all prerequisite classes (see below) with grades
posted on transcript.

5. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
This includes GCC

    transcripts, although, unofficial transcripts (no charge to the
student) from GCC

    are acceptable if they are sent to us directly by Admissions and

6. If courses from a foreign university are being used to fulfill one
of the requirements

    discussed below, those courses must be petitioned through
Admissions and Records  

    for acceptance by equivalence. Please forward a copy of the
petition to

    the Department of Nursing.

7. In addition to transcripts, course descriptions from all
prerequisite courses taken at a  

    college or university not in the immediate Los Angeles area, must
be accompanied by a

    photocopy of the course descriptions taken from the college
catalog (not the schedule

    of classes). Please note that the course description should
include the entire page of

    the catalog on which the course is found and include the title
page and year of the


8. Current LVN license in good standing (Career Ladder VN-RN
applicants only).

9. Please call the Department of Nursing Office at (818) 551-5270 to
have an application

    mailed to you.  

Course Prerequisites for Application:

1. Completion of, or eligibility for (as determined by assessment test
from Glendale

    Community College only) for Math 145 (Introductory Algebra).

2. Completion of:

a) Biology 120 (Human Anatomy)
b) Biology 121 (Human Physiology)
c) Biology 112 (Microbiology)
d) Psychology 101 (General/ Introductory Psychology)

e) English 101 (Freshman English Composition)